To create an efficient and effective administration through planning, supervision and control in Administrative, Service, Financial, Domestic and Maintenance, Information Technology functions and to provide logistic support service to all ILKAP's programmes and activities.

The Management Division comprises of four (4) Section/Unit follows :

Finance, Administrations & Services Section

This Section is responsible in preparing the annual budget, supervision and control in budget allocation, manages emolument payment and procurement as well as coordinates accounts and audit statements.

This Section manages all matters relating to general administration and human resource. The Unit's functions include ILKAP's administrative policy matters, preparation of training needs such as training room, theatrette, auditorium, moot court, transportation, storeroom management, procurement, supply and service management.

This Section is also involved in matters relating to public relation and represents ILKAP in meetings with other departments.

It is also responsible for ILKAP's human resource matters which consist of service and career development of ILKAP's officers and staff. Various courses and training session are conducted through out the year to enhance the competency of its work force.

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Domestic, Maintenance & Asset Management Section

This section is responsible for the management and maintenance of the building in ILKAP's campus as follows:

This Section handles the following functions:

Besides that, this Section is also responsible for the management of asset (capital and inventory asset) in ILKAP.

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Information Technology Section

This Section is responsible for :

Integrity Unit

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