Questions are based on the Query Form : Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Question 1
How is the participant selected?
ILKAP will write to the Head of Department and he will nominate the participant from the Department. It’s not within ILKAP’s jurisdiction to select participants.

Question 2
Is the participant selected according to Zone/State, interest and their work scope?
Refer to answer No. 1.

Question 3
How is the lecturer selected?
The Curriculum Committee Meeting will nominate the lecturers from various departments/agencies/firms/universities. Then ILKAP will request the respective Head of Department to name the lecturers. Despite that, ILKAP also may suggest a particular officer to give lectures. However, it is the prerogative of the Head of Department to select and appoint their officers to give lectures.

Question 4
How is the course curriculum framed?
ILKAP will call representatives from the respective Department/Division for a Curriculum Committee Meeting to design the curriculum for new courses. To review the curriculum of the existing course, a Curriculum Review Committee will be formed to discuss and review the curriculum to ensure it is suitable with the current development and meet the participants’ needs.

Question 5
How do I obtain the list of the courses offered by ILKAP through out this year?
You can write to Senior Assistant Director, Research and Innovation Unit, Judicial and Legal Training Institute (ILKAP) Lot 5, Jalan Universiti, Seksyen 15, Bandar Baru Bangi, 46350 Selangor Darul Ehsan. A Training Programme Book will be delivered to you for your reference. You can also browse ILKAP’s website at to obtain the information regarding the courses.

Question 6
Is hostel facility provided for the participant?
There are rooms available for the participants but priority is given for those from outstation.

Question 7
What is the distance from Kuala Lumpur to ILKAP?
Approximately around 35 km.

Question 8
What are the public transport that can be used from Kuala Lumpur to ILKAP?
There are commuter services, cabs and buses..

Question 9
How do I lodge a complaint if poor services are provided? For example unpalatable food.
Please fill up the Customer Complaint Form which is available at the counter and send to the course coordinator for further action.

Question 10
Are courses run at night?
Yes, for certain courses.

Question 11
Other than lecture, does ILKAP conduct any visit?
Yes, it depends on the course. For example visit to Chemistry Department, Bukit Aman Police Head Quarters, Forensic Laboratory in Cheras, Parliament, Palace of Justice etc.

Question 12
Are there any laundry, gymnasium and computer laboratory services provided for the participant?

Question 13
Are participants allowed to use the internet services in ILKAP’s Library?

Question 14
What are the methods of delivery for the lectures in ILKAP?
Lecture, Case Study, Practical Sessions, Group Discussion, Mock Trial, Visit and Video Presentation.

Question 15
Are there any collaboration programme between ILKAP and government agency and local authority?
Yes. For collaboration programmes with the local authorities, ILKAP conducts courses at every zone such as East Zone, Central Zone, South Zone and also Sabah and Sarawak.

Question 16
How does ILKAP’s client propose new courses?
You can write to ILKAP and give your suggestion on the course and the curriculum. ILKAP will set a Committee Meeting to decide on the course’s content and lecturers.

Question 17
Does ILKAP entertain application by foreign participant?
ILKAP does not have authority to conduct courses for foreign participants unless it is conducted under the Malaysian Technical Cooperation Programme (MTCP) through the Economic Planning Unit, Prime Minister’s Department.

Question 18
Among the facilities available in ILKAP are lecture rooms, auditorium, multipurpose hall, teaching aids, Moot courts, computer laboratory, computers, photostat services, accommodation, dining hall, canteen, sport utilities, and transportation services. Yes, the facilities can be rented for a fee. For further information, please visit ILKAP’s official website.