Question 1
What type of courses held/offered at ILKAP and who are the target group of participants for courses at ILKAP?
Courses organised at ILKAP are based on Training Programmes set up at ILKAP namely Judicial Programme, Legislative Programme, Advisory Programme, Litigation Programme and Career Development and Administrative Programme. The target group are Judicial and Legal Services officers. However, there are also courses which are open to participants from various Government departments / agencies and the private sectors.

Question 2
How selection of participants is made?
The selection of participants is made based on nominations by respective Heads of Departments / Heads of Divisions. If there is any application by public servant made via online, the application must be approved by / made through Head of Department / Head of Division. Any participant from private sector who made training programme application via online, the application will be approved based on vacancy.

Question 3
Is the selection of participants is made based Zone / State, interest and scope of duties of a participant?

Question 4
How selection of speakers is made?
For speaker among public servant, ILKAP will make an application from any respective Government body or agency, based on the speaker’s expertise needed. Selection of speaker from private sector will be made by ILKAP based on expert fields needed.

Question 5
How much is the fee of the participant to join course in ILKAP?
The fee rates of the training programme / scheduled course in ILKAP are as follows:
Type of Training Programme
Course For 1 -7 Days
RM30.00 Net
RM300.00 Per Day
Course For More Than 7 Days
RM50.00 Net
RM300.00 Per Day
Reference can be made to ILKAP’s official website.

Question 6
How course curriculum is designed?
Course curriculum is designed through Meetings of Course Curriculum Committee (JKKK) or Course Curriculum Review Committee (JKKSK). These Meetings are attended by expertise from various relevant fields and ILKAP’s stakeholders invited by ILKAP.

Question 7
How to make evaluation to ILKAP’s courses?
Participants of ILKAP’s courses may make course evaluation in ICMAS system by using computers / mobile phones.

Question 8
Is hostel accommodation provided for course participant?
ILKAP’s hostels are provided and the accommodation priority is given to course participants from outside the Klang Valley.

Question 9
Is course participant allowed to use internet facilities in Library of ILKAP?

Question 10
Is course participant allowed to use internet facilities in Library of ILKAP?

Question 11
How to make a complaint if there is any unsatisfactory facility / service? For example, the food provided for is not satisfactory.
The complainant can submit the complaint through various channels namely-
  1. ILKAP’s online system;
  2. ILKAP’s web site; or
  3. c) Complaint Form which is available at Galeria, Bangunan Perdana ILKAP.
The complaint will be responded not later than 48 hours after the complaint is received.

Question 12
Is ILKAP holds visits sessions other than lectures?
Depending on the respective course curriculum which requires a visit session to be held.

Question 13
Can ILKAP organizes collaboration course with any other Government department / agency?
Yes. Any interested Government department / agency may submit the application to the Director General of ILKAP in writing.

Question 14
Can any ILKAP officer be invited as a speaker by any Government department / agency?
Any interested Government department / agency may submit application to the Director General of ILKAP requesting an ILKAP officer / officers to be appointed as speaker(s) for any course organized by any Government department / agency.

Question 15
What are the methodologies of delivering lectures in ILKAP?
Lectures, case studies, practice trainings, syndicate discussions, mock trials, visits and video screenings.

Question 16
What if there is ILKAP’s customer wants to suggest new courses?
Any interested party may submit the suggestion by letter / e-mail to the Director General of ILKAP.

Question 17
Does ILKAP entertain participants’ applications from abroad to participate courses in ILKAP?
If there are participants from abroad who are interested in participating in any courses in ILKAP, the applications can be submitted via online or e-mail to the Director General of ILKAP.

Question 18
What are facilities available in ILKAP?
Among the facilities provided in ILKAP are computer labs, library, moot court, futsal court, badminton courts and other facilities which are provided under the MyTC programme. Further information regarding the usage facilitation of these facilities can be reached via ILKAP’s website.

Question 19
What are the methods to use ILKAP’s facilities?
Applications for the usage of ILKAP’s facilities can be submitted to ILKAP via ILKAP’s website . The decision / approval of the application for the usage of ILKAP’s facilities will be notified to the applicant within two weeks commencing from the date the application is received.