E-Participation Policy

E-Participation policy aims to culture of citizen engagement and contribution to enhance the services provided by the ILKAP, and to ensure customer satisfaction. The engagement with their people allows governments to tap into wider perspectives, sources of information, and potential solutions to improve decisions and services. It also provides the basis for productive relationships, improved dialogue and deliberation, and ultimately, better governance.

ILKAP welcomes you to our website. We appreciate your use of the tools we made available through our website. ILKAP relies on your valuable participation and contributions to develop its programmes and its communication tools.

The objective of e-Participation is to engage people in development policy and decision-making processes through use of information and communication technologies. Hence, DID welcomes all objective and constructive discussions on the website while preserving the right of publishing. We urge our visitors to abide the following:

  1. Any statement that reflecting bias, discrimination, racism and politics are strictly prohibited.
  2. Avoid using inappropriate language or offensive language
  3. Proper use of language either Bahasa Melayu or English.

E-Participation Activity

  1. Opinion about Official Website starting from 13 May - 9 Sept 2016

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E-Participation Archives

Soalan 1 Question : Apakah maklumat yang sering Tuan/Puan layari di Laman Rasmi ILKAP?

Available Date : 13 May 2016
Closing Date : 9 September 2016
Participation : 20
Status : Closed