The Judicial and Legal Training Institute was established based on the decision of the Cabinet on 18 March 1992 and started its operation on 23 December 1993. The Cabinet also decided that ILKAP to be placed under the Prime Minister's Department.


A renowned leader for excellent human capital development in the judicial and legal fields in Malaysia.


Enhancement of knowledge, competency and professionalism of the judicial and legal officers as well as the enforcement officers by providing relevant, quality and effective training.


To enhance the knowledge, expertise and quality of officers in public service, statutory bodies and local authorities who are engaged in judicial, legal and law enforcement duties to ensure a service that is fair, efficient and effective through systematic and planned training.



We are committed to provide quality training programmes in line with our objective to enhance efficiency, excellence and professionalism of officers of the judicial and legal service as well as officers in the public service, statutory bodies and local authorities who are involved in law enforcement.

We are committed to: